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1 year old cat with Feline Sarcoma saved from being put down

Posted August 5, 2017

Cat Parent, Shanon, took her cat Jasper to the vet with troubles as common as lethargy and no appetite. When the vets told her that her Jasper needed to be put down by noon, she was taken aback. With help from a friend and some research she found us. And today, Jasper is a happy adult cat! Feline Sarcoma is a vaccine associated sarcoma. We are glad we could help little Jasper put up a strong fight to this disease and it helps us fulfil our purpose of doing what we do. Loving your pets, naturally!

Here’s what Jasper’s mom Shanon had to say about the holistic help her cat received:

The regiment offered for cats dealing with cancer has really saved a 1 year old cat from a vet death sentence and doing nicely now. Thank you so much! My cat Jasper (female) who is a year old and was diagnosed with Feline Sarcoma. After raspy breathing, lethargy, no appetite, I took her into a vet who diagnosed her and said, “We can put her down at noon today if you’d like.” I was not prepared for this and thankfully a friend who is into natural medicine scoffed at the idea of a year old cat being put down. After some basic research on we learned about your company and that there was indeed HOPE! We purchased the Super Cancer Care Kit for cats along with the Tripsy product and in no time at all, every one of her symptoms disappeared within a matter of days and we’re now a month or more out and its like she was never sick at all and growing into a healthy happy adult cat! Now in fairness, she did have a total of 2 steroid shots from the same vet within a week and a half but after that? We’ve not gone back! We will go back to a vet with Jasper but definitely we are more in touch with our new understanding of what’s “out there” in terms of options for pet health! *

jasper the cat recovered from feline sarcoma with natural remedies

In some situations, pharmacy drugs are too strong for our pets. Especially, younger ones. Or maybe a pet could be too far along a progressive disease for the vets to offer any medication. But holistic remedies and supplements like ours are safe to use and will help improve even a delicate situation. This story is similar to Alfie’s, where Alfie the cat was probably too weak to be given pharmaceutical help. Natural support is helping Alfie live one happy day at a time. Happy tales like Alfie’s and Jasper’s motivate us to do more to keep our pets healthy. Our Cancer Support Pack and Tripsy are helping Jasper recover slowly and for her next round, we would recommend adding the Natures Immuno to her regimen. Natures Immuno is like a power pack of holistic support for cats and dogs fighting any chronic and progressive disease.

NHV Cancer Kit 3 that helped Jasper the cat with feline sarcoma along with NHV Tripsy

NHV Cancer Support Pack and NHV Tripsy helped Jasper

Do you know a friend whose pet is fighting a chronic disease? Please get in touch with us to work out a holistic approach that can help bring faster recovery and happier stories. If you are looking for a holistic veterinarian to help you, you can always book an online consult with our lead vet, Dr. Hillary Cook.

*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.