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13 year old adorable dog Oggie’s tumor tale

Posted August 26, 2017

We’ve helped dogs and cats with various kinds of cancer. Tumors are scary as it is but when the tumor is external and visible, we know the fight is harder for the pet’s parents. They can see what their little fur companion is battling. Well, little Oggie has a tumor in her paw. It’s just been about a month since she started her NHV remedies and her next vet visit is due soon. She’s doing better and we are really happy. We’re excitedly waiting for a happy update (paws crossed). Here’s what Patricia, Oggie’s mom told us:

My dog was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago. She had a tumor on her paw and a couple weeks later we were told it was cancer, My Oggie is 13yrs. She has done 3 rounds of chemo and I found @nhvnaturalpetproducts on Instagram and order her the cancer fighter pack. We got her order very fast and I have been in contact with this wonderful company since then. They have given me a lot of info and help with my girl. In a couple weeks it will be a month she started taking the drops so I can’t wait to find out if her numbers improved in her blood test cause this last time her liver was a little bad. I will be adding the Immuno to her meds also.

Oggie is taking NHV’s Cancer Fighter Pack. This is a complete holistic support for a furkid fighting cancer. It contains 4 bottles of cancer dedicated blends:

Cancer fighter pack for dogs and cats

Es Clear – Helps ease pain and keeps the symptoms of cancer in check

Turmeric – Improves antioxidant function, keeps the heart healthy and scavenges free radicals

Milk Thistle – Supports the liver by keeping it detoxified and regenerated

Pet Omega3 – Contains Omega3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation and fight cancer

We have now added our medicinal mushroom blend Natures Immuno to Oggie’s regime. This one contains mushrooms like Turkey Tails, Shiitake and Reishi which are widely popular in oncology treatments due to their tumor-fighting abilities.

Mushrooms for dogs with cancer

Cancer is not the fight for just that one part of the body. All the body parts are effected. Which is why a holistic approach often works best. We are positive this will help Oggie live healthier and with a little more time, her paw will also show visible improvement.

dog cancer natural treatment NHV dog cancer natural treatment NHV

Stay close for more updates. And do send Oggie your warmest wishes and love.

UPDATE – October 2017

Oggie is doing a lot better. Her blood work shows huge improvement. The tumor on the paw has shrunk but it swells up every now and then, making it difficult for the vets to stop her chemo drug as yet. But the best part is, Oggie is being herself, perky and playful. The remedies are working in conjunction with chemo therapy. We have upped the dose of Natures Immuno, have advised Oggie’s mom to externally apply ES Clear and Turmeric on the paw. Another update is expected soon.

*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.