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Keeping Your Aging Dog Youthful

Posted October 16, 2014

We all love to think of our dogs as the energetic little puppies we first brought home. But like us, our pups continue to age whether we like it or not with veterinarians saying that most dogs begin to show the symptoms of old age near 7 years old. Many of the signs of aging […]

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NHV Tails: Fluffy’s Cancer Scare

Posted October 1, 2014

*Meet Fluffy! This adorable cat’s owner Andrew reached out to us after a cancer scare. Veterinarians found a mass in Fluffy’s intestines during a recent visit. After going through a biopsy, we are happy to report the mass is not malignant! Looking for a way to boost Fluffy’s health, Andrew reached out to the team […]

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