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Helping Animals: My Story of Volunteering With Dog Rescues

Posted November 20, 2015

At NHV Natural Pet Products, we believe strongly in creating a team that genuinely loves and cares about the well-being of our animal companions. Many of you, who call our office, have probably spoken with our amazing team member, Wendy. In addition to her working life at NHV, Wendy also makes time to be a […]

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One Stressed Out Kitty! Snowflake’s Tale

Posted November 13, 2015

Our kitties are complex little creatures, capable of a wonderful depth of emotion. Unfortunately, they can sometimes (just like the rest of us) get a little stressed out, which causes themselves and their pet parents grief. In fact, stress in cats is in all too common scenario for our little feline friends. It can, if […]

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Holistic Advise For GI Issues in Dogs and Cats

Posted November 6, 2015

This week on NHV’s vet blog, I wanted to discuss a messy, inconvenient, but common issue for pet parents: gastrointestinal (GI) issues in dogs and cats. First, let’s look at some common symptoms that may indicate your cat or dog is suffering from GI issues: Vomiting Diarrhea Weight loss Bloody stools Halitosis (bad breath) Constipation Loss of […]

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