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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe, Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season!

Posted December 24, 2015

With all the festive preparations going on this holiday season, we wanted to give busy pet parents some important tips to keep their pets healthy and happy! 1. Don’t feed pet chocolate – This yummy human treat is one of the most common reasons for emergency vet visits during the holidays. Even a small amount […]

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Integrative Therapies: Acupuncture for Pets

Posted December 11, 2015

Alternative or integrative therapies for pets have recently seen a huge resurgence due to its powerful healing ability with minimal side effects. Today we begin a once a month series in our NHV blogs, where we will explore alternative integrative therapies for pets, from acupuncture to aromatherapy to massage and magnetic therapy for treating illnesses […]

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Vet Advice for Heart Conditions in Dogs

Posted December 4, 2015

Hello Everyone! In today’s blog I wanted touch on heart conditions in dogs, specifically what symptoms to look for, understanding what diagnostic tests your vet might recommend for heart conditions in dogs; and treatment options including what integrative therapy options I would recommend for heart disease in pets. What are symptoms of a heart condition […]

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