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Finding out your cat has a tumor or feline cancer is frightening!

Posted January 29, 2016

Your beloved kitty has just been diagnosed with having a tumor or feline cancer and you are feeling lost and confused.  We, at NHV Natural Pet Products understand and are here to support you and your fur baby during this time.  We know that there will be an endless list of questions about tumors in […]

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NHV’s Milk Thistle Used By University of Tennessee’s Avian and Exotics Division For Birds with Liver Disorders

Posted January 22, 2016

NHV Natural Pet Products once again had the pleasure of speaking with the University of Tennessee’s Veterinary Medical Center. This time it was the Avian and Exotics Division at the U of T that got in touch with us! Here’s what they had to say: * “We have been using the NHV Milk Thistle in […]

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Integrative Therapies: Aromatherapy For Pets

Posted January 15, 2016

Integrative therapies, from massage to naturopathic remedies for pets are seeing an exciting resurgence in pet care! As we continue our look at integrative veterinary care, we examine using aromatherapy for pet health and pet behavioral problems—discussing possible cautions and efficacy of aromatherapy. Click here to view part 1 in this series: “Integrative Therapies: Acupuncture […]

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The Top Therapeutic Uses of Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Pets

Posted January 8, 2016

As a holistic veterinarian, I would love if all my patients were on a good quality omega 3 fatty acid supplement, simply because of the vastly positive health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for pets. But pet parents should be aware: Not all omega 3 fatty acid supplements for pets are created equal. When […]

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