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Superherb: Turmeric and It’s uses For Pet Health

Posted February 26, 2016

Overall health and vitally of a canine companion is extremely important to all pet parents. There are some wonderful natural herbal supplements that can help achieve this. Turmeric is one of those super herbs. Including Turmeric in your pet’s daily diet will help prevent health disorders in the future and keep your cat or dog […]

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Pet Cancer Diets and Nutrition

Posted February 19, 2016

Just like humans, dogs and cats suffering from cancer or going through cancer treatment may suffer from a severe lack of appetite, which only contributes to a further deterioration in their health and well-being. In fact, adequate nutrition is particularly important for any pet being treated with chemotherapy drugs since a lack of nutrition predisposes […]

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Be Kind To Your Valentine: 5 Ways To Spoil Your Furry Companion

Posted February 12, 2016

Every year loved ones get spoiled for Valentine’s day, but what about the ones we love that might be a little furrier?  This Valentine’s day, why not reciprocate the unconditional love we receive everyday from our cats and dogs  with NHV’s pet alternatives to human Valentine’s gifts!   For your significant other:  Chocolates For your […]

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Vet Help For Diabetes in Pets

Posted February 5, 2016

Many times in my veterinary practice, I see middle-aged cats or dogs who are brought in because of concerns with their excessive thirst and frequent urination. Although these symptoms can be due to other disease processes, it is a classic sign of diabetes in pets. If your cat or dog is exhibiting these symptoms, ask […]

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