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NHV Success Story: Ajia’s Struggle with Lymphoma and Hyperthyroidism

Posted July 29, 2016

* We love hearing from pet parents about their experience with NHV. Thank you so much Claudia for sharing your story. We are sending Ajia healing thoughts for her continued recovery. PS: On April 3, 2016 it was Ajia’s 16th birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl 🙂 * “Hello, my name is Claudia and I just […]

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Spaying & Neutering Kittens: After Care

Posted July 24, 2016

We are pleased to announce two new NHV family members, Jonika and Zimba. These two adorable baby kittens are rescues that we adopted through VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association).   All VOKRA cats are housed in foster homes, where they get to start life experiencing the love of human companionship while playing with their […]

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Making Friends: Introducing Cats and Dogs

Posted July 19, 2016

We all know the saying “they fight like cats and dogs”, but that doesn’t have to be the reality.  If introduced properly, your cats and dogs are more likely to get along.  That being said, some cat and dog breeds just get along better than others.  Some dog breeds are also hardwired to see cats […]

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Pet Loss Prevention Tips for Outdoor Summer Months

Posted July 12, 2016

July is Lost Pet Prevention Month and we at NHV do not want our pet parents to have to experience the stress and sadness of losing a pet so we have a few tips to help prevent pet loss.  Nobody expects to lose a pet, but unfortunately it happens much more frequently than people realize.  […]

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Vet Talk: Kennel Cough in Dogs

Posted July 6, 2016

Any coughing dog that comes into my clinic is a red alert—is it contagious, is it heart disease or neoplasia? It is important to isolate coughing dogs from other dogs until a diagnosis is made. One common diagnosis is kennel cough. Kennel cough in dogs is a respiratory infection caused by bordetella bronchiseptica and canine […]

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