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Vet Talk: Why Give a Multivitamin to a Healthy Pet?

Posted October 28, 2016

When our pets are healthy and young, it’s natural for us as pet parents to wonder ‘is it really necessary to give my healthy dog or cat a multivitamin?’ The answer is simply—yes. Vitamins are necessary for life. They help to regulate body processes, protect the body from environmental toxins, and break down nutrients such […]

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Piri’s Story: Cancer and Kidney Disease

Posted October 24, 2016

*Thank you Jane for sharing your story with us. Update Oct 24, 2016: Sadly, little Piri crossed the rainbow bridge on Oct 14, 2016. He was 17 years old. He was loved and still is loved everyday by Jane and Yang and all those who knew him and followed him. We know how difficult this […]

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Halloween Fun for Pets

Posted October 21, 2016

Halloween isn’t just for people; pets can have their share of fun too. Some pets might be real tricksters, while others might not, but we do know one thing for sure: all pets are good at the treat part! Here is a list of our top 10 ideas to help your pet get in on […]

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Vet Talk: Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Posted October 14, 2016

Hypothyroidism in dogs is one of the most common diseases I see at the Animal Wellness Clinic (my veterinary practice). A thorough understanding of the disease and the symptoms will help with early diagnosis and treatment. Below is an explanation of the complicated and all encompassing disease of hypothyroidism in dogs. What is hypothyroidism? The […]

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Tips for Pet Owners During Hurricane Season

Posted October 7, 2016

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone (two legged, four-legged, and feathered) who are affected by the Hurricane. Here are some tips to keep pets safe during hurricane season. Have a pet emergency kit ready to go Before any storm, create a pet emergency kit. The kit should include: Enough water and non-perishable food (preferably canned food […]

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Hazel’s story with FeLV and FIV

Posted October 3, 2016

* Last week we had to say goodbye to Hazel, a sweet feral kitty who was rescued by Linette in 2011, when she was about 1. Somewhere along her life, poor Hazel contracted FeLV and FIV. We, here at NHV all understand the pain that comes with losing a beloved member of the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with […]

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