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6 Important Life Lessons We Learn From Animals

Posted May 7, 2016

Have you ever spent time just observing the animals around us? Cat, dog, bird, or wildlife, anyone who knows and loves animals, like we do here at NHV, understands that there are so many life lessons we can learn from every one of our animal friends. Here are 6 of our favorite lessons:

Lesson 1: Happiness is Uncomplicated:

So many times happiness for us humans is truly a complicated affair. We worry and fret, and tell ourselves that if only this one desire was fulfilled THEN we could be happy.

Even it’s just for one day—throw caution to the wind, forget about your worries and relish NOW in the simple joys of life.

Happy Puppy

Happiness is Uncomplicated

Lesson 2: Unconditional Love

We, humans, put terms on the love we give to others and even the love we give to ourselves. Animals, by comparison, love us without limitations or conditions. It doesn’t matter how much money is in the bank, what clothes we wear, what job we have, or if we say all the right things (well maybe they love us more when we say “go for walk” – but let’s say that’s the exception 😉 )

Take this lesson to heart: Love honestly and without condition.

Love Your Pet - NHV

Unconditional Love

Lesson 3: Forgiveness

Animals have an incredible ability to forgive. Although they may have endured trauma and abuse, their capacity to love and trust after years of mistreatment is motivational. If you have, or are going through difficulty and heartache know that this time will pass and believe in your own capacity for forgiveness.

Copy of Social Media – Untitled Design-2


Lesson 4: Take a nap!

Life is hectic and for most of us it feels like there are just not that many hours in the day, so you may think to yourself you don’t have time for a nap! BUT, let’s learn from our feline friends and take the time to recuperate and relax (guilt free!)  – you’ll be happy and energized after you do.

Take A Nap

Take A Nap

5. Trust your instincts

Sometimes we let our thoughts or rationalizations get in the way of our instincts. Animals, on the other hand, are fully alert to all their senses and trust and act upon their instincts. Don’t ignore your senses or what they are trying to convey to you. Trust yourself.

Untitled design-22

Trust Your Instincts

6. Never give up

The natural world is full of extraordinary journeys. Have you ever seen the long and difficult journey of salmon swimming upstream to spawn? Or the arduous path of a sea turtle as she rides the Gulf Stream to the frozen north. Life is full of adversity, but don’t let it get you down. Take a deep breath, and just keep swimming!

Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

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