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A Holistic Approach to Diabetes Mellitus in Cats – Anandha The Tabby’s Story.

Posted May 21, 2017

Increased thirst and urination are two of the most common signs of diabetes Mellitus in cats and dogs. Myrna had to take her tabby cat, Anandha, to the ER for these and other symptoms a few months back. She was diagnosed with a host of issues like dangerously high blood sugar levels and renal failure. Myrna began looking for natural support to help her cat and found NHV Mellit. And here’s what she has to say about her experience:

*Anandha is a 10 yr old tabby male cat now (2017). My cat was in ER and stayed at the vet. hospital due to some health issues such as: vomiting, decreased appetite, increased drinking and urinating, dehydration, and obesity. The outcome of all tests and diagnosis was Diabetes Mellitus, elevated blood sugar, ketosis, chronic renal disease with left renal infarct, small cystic calculus in the year 2015 since then he started using prescribed medication and DM food. He had to use Lantus 100 units/ML vial 0.5 units twice daily, time passed till he reached 5.0 units twice daily to what his diabetes was not being controlled for a year. I was advised he might be insulin resistant he needed to go for a full range of tests to diagnosed him better for other possible health issues. I was devastated and broke at this point; I started searching for natural or holistic support to what I found Mellit which help him greatly to get the diabetes under control in six months of taking it. I also give him other holistic NHV Natural Pet Products to help with his kidneys, liver, immune system, etc; all his health issues are under control now. I am grateful to this company and their products and dedication because they are like a light in darkest time of sickness to truly return quality of life and/or health to our beloved pet companions that are considered family members. Pet parents have knowledge of these holistic products that can get your pets safely in the road of recovery sooner without the extension of all painful moments for the pets and parents losing their pet companion (family member).

Thank you Myrna for this detailed review. We are sure cat moms and dads will find it useful for their middle aged cats showing similar symptoms. We are glad Anandha is on the road to recovery. Diabetes is a long and difficult battle— an integrative holistic approach can make cats with diabetes much more comfortable.


More Help For Diabetes in Cats

Our holistic vet, Dr. Hillary cook explains how to monitor and support treatment of diabetes in pets. In our VET TALKS blog, Dr. Cook offers some diet suggestions that might work for these cats and dogs who are on the risk of further health issues due to their weight. An important part of an integrative approach to diabetes in pets is herbal supplementation, like  our natural vet-formulated remedy called NHV Mellitt.

NHV Mellit, is a blend of herbs that naturally helps balance the body’s production of the insulin hormone and aids with pancreatic function.

This carefully sourced, tried, tested and trusted remedy includes powerful herbs like:

• Jambolin, is a herb that helps lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation and support pancreas function. Jambolan also helps moderate thirst and urination.
• Fenugreek, a common cooking herb, is high in vitamins and minerals, and helps reduce the rate of sugar absorption into the blood.
• Gymnema, a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine, and is commonly used in traditional herbalism for diabetes.






Is Anandha’s story is triggering any questions in your mind? Please leave us a comment here or get touch with your NHV Pet Expert. We are always there to help you figure a natural way out.

Much like Anandha, we also have a happy tale from BO, the dog who loves his Mellitt and his human believes he actually comes right up to her, stares at her to let her know that it’s time for him to have her natural supplement dosage. Read Bo’s mom’s review here.


Based on your pet’s diagnosis, his symptoms, age and behaviour, NHV Pet Experts might suggest different combinations of remedies. It varies from pet to pet, Anandha and Bo have their specific remedies, but two popular kits for diabetes in pets that NHV Pet Experts often recommend are:

Diabetes Kit With Metabolism Support – Along with the Mellit and  Milk Thistle (Liver support), this kit contains NHV Multi Essentials, a complex formula that helps your pet’s metabolism, while providing nourishment with plant derived vitamins and minerals.

Diabetes Super Support Gold Kit – Other than the Mellit and the Milk Thistle, this one contains the NHV Yucca, which may help lower glucose levels and cholesterol levels giving your diabetic pet added support.

Has your pet been diagnosed with diabetes? Get in touch with us today to find out which of our supplements will help your bet the best.


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