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Be Kind To Your Valentine: 5 Ways To Spoil Your Furry Companion

Posted February 12, 2016

Every year loved ones get spoiled for Valentine’s day, but what about the ones we love that might be a little furrier?  This Valentine’s day, why not reciprocate the unconditional love we receive everyday from our cats and dogs  with NHV’s pet alternatives to human Valentine’s gifts!


For your significant other:  Chocolates

For your furry best friend:  Treats, treats and more treats!  Spoil your feline friend with My Little Lion Duck, Tuna or Salmon treats.  Or indulge your canine friend with a selection of Caru Natural Salmon, Lamb or Beef treats or the   Real Turkey Chicken or Beef Stew.


For your sweetheart:  Spa Gift Certificate

For your sweetheart with a tail:  Pamper your pooch or kitty with massage therapy.  Calm and relax your fur baby with a massage, while restoring flexibility and stimulating blood flow.  Look for an animal massage practitioner near you on the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork website.


For Romeo & Juliet:  Romantic Dinner

For Milo & Otis:  Home cooked meal.  Spoil your pet and show off your culinary skills (not required) with a healthy home cooked meal.  Need an idea?  Here is a recipe that has been adapted to be suitable for both cats and dogs, specifically for Valentine’s Day.  

Please note that this recipe is healthy, but does not contain sufficient salt and minerals for dogs for regular meal use.

Chicken and Rice

6 oz. Cooked chicken breast, without skin

½ cup Cooked rice, white, long grain

1 Tbsp Canola oil

¼ tsp Salt substitute (potassium chloride)

¾ tsp Bone meal powder

1/8 tsp Iodized salt (sodium chloride)

1 ea. Children’s complete multivitamin & mineral tablet


For the Apple of your eye:  Jewelry

For your Fur Angel:  A new collar.  Spoil your angel with a beautiful, jewel encrusted, leather collar from RN Design.  You are sure to find the perfect fit for your pet’s personality with these individually handmade pieces from the USA.  


For your two legged crush: Movie night or star gazing

For your four legged treasure:  Quality time and a deeper connection.  Experiment with Animal Reiki, which involves gently placing your hands on your pet, improving energy balance and overall well-being, as well as promoting relaxation.  

“…Reiki offers simple techniques that anyone can do, that help us to open our hearts to the world around us, always from a grounded and centered place, each and every day. When we live our life in this way animals, who are so pure and sensitive, feel it, are drawn to us and want to share with us and support us. A beautiful, peaceful, compassionate space which embraces, connects and encompasses all beings, all species, all life, this is Reiki in action.” (Animal Reiki Source)


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