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Can You Help Beat Cat Cancer with a Natural Remedies?

Posted August 14, 2013

Would you use a natural cat cancer remedy if your cat was diagnosed with cancer? For all of us who like natural remedies, the good news is you don’t have to choose between natural or conventional methods.

The beauty of natural cat cancer support is that they can be used in conjunction with conventional treatments, to help support the immune system after chemo, to help de-stress and offer pain relief after surgery, and to eliminate toxins after radiation.

Herbs have the power to heal, herbs are strong enough to combat pain, put us to sleep and even kill us. Why do we doubt their strength when it comes to fighting cancer?

Cancer is the new C word; we live in fear of finding it in ourselves or in our loved ones. We may think our pets are safe from cancer, but, unfortunately, it is the leading cause of death in older cats.
We don’t know who, or when, or where, cancer will strike, but we do know the trick to beating cancer is to catch it quick and that means we need to watch out for symptoms and begin treatment fast.

The three most common treatments for cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
Surgery is effective at removing cancerous growths but only if the growth can be removed completely and hasn’t spread.
Chemotherapy is not a cure, it simply slows the progression of the cancerous cells, unfortunately, the side effects include, vomiting, hair loss and loss of appetite.
Radiation is very effective in killing the cancer cells and stopping the cancer from spreading, but many types of cancer are resistant to radiation treatment.

A young cat may be able to deal with the traumatic experience of surgery, harsh chemo or aggressive radiation treatments, but these methods are often too invasive and too shocking for our older pets.

A natural cat cancer support offers a gentler solution; there are many studies and success storiesof cats that have made a full recovery with a natural cat cancer remedies.
Studies have also shown that in humans and animals alike, recovery comes faster with a good strong dose of love.
They do say that love heals all – plants do a pretty good job too.

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