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Piri’s Story: Cancer and Kidney Disease

Posted October 24, 2016

*Thank you Jane for sharing your story with us. Update Oct 24, 2016: Sadly, little Piri crossed the rainbow bridge on Oct 14, 2016. He was 17 years old. He was loved and still is loved everyday by Jane and Yang and all those who knew him and followed him. We know how difficult this […]

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Hazel’s story with FeLV and FIV

Posted October 3, 2016

* Last week we had to say goodbye to Hazel, a sweet feral kitty who was rescued by Linette in 2011, when she was about 1. Somewhere along her life, poor Hazel contracted FeLV and FIV. We, here at NHV all understand the pain that comes with losing a beloved member of the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with […]

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Buddy Freckles Finds Relief with NHV Hearty Heart

Posted September 30, 2016

* Thank you Jessica for sharing this heartwarming tale about Mr. Buddy Freckles. He makes us smile too 🙂 * “This is my beloved Buddy Freckles. He’s a 15 yr old basset hound. He became a member of our family 13 yrs ago when he was adopted from a rescue. Like every good basset, Buddy’s […]

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Cooper’s Battle With Cancer

Posted September 28, 2016

Cooper, an 11 year old Bernese mountain dog was diagnosed with cancer an year ago. His mom added natural supplements to his diet to help faster recovery. The Cancer Fighter Kit that Evelyn used for Cooper, have given her more time with her fur baby. * Thank you Evelyn for sharing Cooper’s beautiful story and […]

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Bo Loves His NHV Mellit!

Posted September 21, 2016

* Bo is a 5-year old mix (and a rescue dog)…Dalmatian (that is his corny side!), Golden Retriever (his friendly side), and German Shepard (his guard dog side!). I guess you can just say “Retriever mix”, since that is what he looks like. * “I just wanted to give my two cents on the Mellit. […]

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NHV Success Story: Ajia’s Struggle with Lymphoma and Hyperthyroidism

Posted July 29, 2016

* We love hearing from pet parents about their experience with NHV. Thank you so much Claudia for sharing your story. We are sending Ajia healing thoughts for her continued recovery. PS: On April 3, 2016 it was Ajia’s 16th birthday! Happy birthday sweet girl 🙂 * “Hello, my name is Claudia and I just […]

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Spaying & Neutering Kittens: After Care

Posted July 24, 2016

We are pleased to announce two new NHV family members, Jonika and Zimba. These two adorable baby kittens are rescues that we adopted through VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association).   All VOKRA cats are housed in foster homes, where they get to start life experiencing the love of human companionship while playing with their […]

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Remy – a shorthair American Tabby with kidney, thyroid and aches and pains

Posted June 27, 2016

* Thank you Cheryl for sharing Remy’s story with us. * “Remy is a shorthair American Tabby, who is 18 years old.  She has many ailments including kidney, thyroid and aches and pains. We give her Omega 3 oils, Resthyro and ES Clear.  She is the sweetest cat, and diesn’t mind taking her meds.  She […]

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NHV Pets – Real Stories From Real Pets

Posted March 18, 2016

* NHV – We Love Your Pets Naturally At NHV Natural Pet Products, we have been so blessed. We have gotten to know some of the most amazing and inspiring pets and their strong and loving pet parents. To those pet parents, we say ‘Thank you”. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, for […]

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NHV Tails – Hunter’s Story: Autoimmune Disease in Dogs

Posted March 4, 2016

Meet Hunter, a wonderful husky mix, who was saved as a pup from a fated death because of his mutt heritage in the Canadian North. Escaping a short-life as a rejected sled dog, Hunter was brought down to Vancouver by some amazing rescuers, where he has spent his life of eleven years with family and […]

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