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Helping and Preventing Cat and Dog Ear Infections

Posted February 4, 2013

If your pet is shaking her head, scratching her ears, or even yelping when her ears are touched- chances are she’s developed an ear infection. Though fairly common in both cats and dogs, ear infections can be painful and can lead to greater damage if left untreated. Ear infections result from a variety of factors, but […]

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Does My Pet Have A Food Allergy?

Posted January 7, 2013

Listing The 10 Most Common Pet Symptoms Runny eyes, itchy skin, sneezing… Food allergy symptoms in pets are much like the symptoms experienced by their human companions. The good news is that there are a variety of food options available for allergic pets and many natural pet products like Milk Thistle and Tripsy that can […]

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Posted November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving.  Do not feed your pets cooked turkey bones.  Cooked turkey bones can be dangerous as these bones are sharp and may get lodged in the GI tract, esophagus, or teeth of your pet. You can give your pet skinless white meat as a treat.  […]

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