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Dog Treats: Knowing What’s Safe And Nutritious

Posted April 13, 2015

Our pets are our family; they are our best friends, our companions, and our babies – we are after all pet parents. That’s why it’s still so shocking that the pet food and treats available on the market today can be downright dangerous. Last year (2014), Canada’s CBC news reported that 1000 dog deaths and […]

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New Season, Fresh Start: Give Your Pet the Gift of Health with NHV’s New Spring Coupon!

Posted March 25, 2014

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s been a long winter. But thank goodness, very soon the polar vortexes, blizzards, and ice storms will give way to warm breezes, buds on the trees, and an opportunity for a fresh start. With Spring around the corner, the team at NHV Natural Pet Products would […]

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Get Your 10% Off Coupon Today! 3 Everyday Natural Pet Products to Keep Your Pet’s Health up to Sniff

Posted March 4, 2014

One of our greatest joys at NHV is interacting with our loyal customer base. So many of you have exceptional stories about the ways in which NHV’s natural pet products have improved the everyday health and wellbeing of your pets in profound ways. We love hearing these stories! For this reason, we would like to […]

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Christmas Time With Your Pets!

Posted December 11, 2012

This Christmas season has a special feeling. The lights, the music, the food, what is not to enjoy? At NHV Natural Pet Products we believe Christmas is the perfect time of year to think of someone special, your pets! To be upfront with you, we are not going to outline all the wonderful Christmas themed […]

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