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Cats and Dogs Fight Cancer with the Help of ES Clear

Posted November 1, 2013

ES Clear for cats and dogs help create a strong defense against all illnesses, including cancer. This is good news for all pet owners who are looking for an alternative to cancer treatments or for support while undergoing conventional treatment.

The number of cats and dogs diagnosed with cancer is on the rise, we know that there are many factors that are can cause cancer such as diet, environmental conditions, genetics and even stress.

This means we may not be able to avoid cancer, but we can make sure our pet’s immune system is strong and able to fight invasive diseases.

NHV’s natural product ES Clear has helped many cats and dogs diagnosed with cancer, and since word of mouth is often the best way to source good products; we have posted testimonials from pet owners who have used ES Clear to boost their pet’s immune system, and to help ease pain and discomfort.  The great news is that ES Clear can be used with conventional medicine or on its own; to boost the immune systems and improve antioxidants to the body.

Although cancer is often located in one area it has a detrimental effect on the whole system. ES Clear’s formula of herbs, helps the body heal by eliminating toxins, cleaning the blood, boosting the liver and immune system and improving digestion.

NHV range of products has been developed for pets because we believe our pets deserve gentle and efficient natural remedies that do not cause stress or side effects.

And we are not the only ones who think our pets deserve love and respect, the film, “Secret Life of Dogs”, was made to celebrate man’s best friend. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy some beautiful footage and wonderful stories about dogs; stories that are guaranteed to make all cat owners jealous.


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