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Easy Safety Tips for Pets! Stay Safe and Happy Holidays from NHV

Posted December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Make sure to keep your pets safe over the Holidays.  Do not feed your pets cooked turkey bones.  Cooked turkey bones can be dangerous as these bones are sharp and may get lodged in the GI tract, esophagus, or teeth of your pet.

You can give your pet skinless white meat as a treat. The dark meat and skin may be too greasy for your pet. Both Cats and Dogs love turkey.

Your pet should not be fed any of the other wonderful trimmings that accompany your turkey dinner.  These tasty dishes contain ingredients that may be too fatty or toxic for your pets.

For additional tips on safety around plants and holiday decroations, holiday fare and pet gifts please visit


Happy Holidays

From your Elfs at NHV Natural Pet Products

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