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Fall in Puppy Love at First Sight with the 5 Best Family Dog Breeds

Posted February 3, 2014

There’s something very special about adding a dog to your family brood. Children learn responsibility, companionship, and loyalty through interacting with a pet, and few animals exemplify those qualities more than dogs. But finding the perfect canine companion can be tricky. With literally thousands of breeds available, how do you know which one is right for your family? Which breeds are best suited to that special noisy, rough-and-tumble, hug-you-a-little-too-hard kind of attention that children are so good at providing?

If you’re looking to complete your pack with a new pup, any one of these 5 Family-Friendly breeds would be a great choice:

The Teddy Bear. Don’t be alarmed by this dog’s size. Newfoundlanders are massive, furry, cuddling machines, long known as “Nature’s Nannies” [1]. This breed does shed a lot and need sufficient exercise, so it’s recommended for families with lots of outdoor space to play.

The Tough Guy. The Bulldog’s tough exterior makes it the perfect breed for rough-housing with the kids. Bulldogs are nearly indestructible and not very energetic, meaning they’ll put up with a lot from active children and keep coming back for more. Given their small stature, Bulldogs can be kept in houses of any size.

The Valedictorian. When you think about a “family dog”, one breed likely comes to mind: The Labrador Retriever. Extremely intelligent, loving, protective, and eager to please, Labs are the best of the best for a family. The breed is so patient and kind that they are among the most commonly used breeds for service roles, and the only dog used in arson detection due to their willingness to learn and cooperate with their human companions.

The Tiny Playmate. If you’re looking for someone cute, spunky, and pint-sized, a Bull Terrier is the way to go. With lots of energy offset by a patient and calm personality, Bull Terriers are a perfect child-friendly dog breed. Bull Terriers have a high enough activity level to wear the kids out, while still being protective and cuddly.

The Second Chance. Of course, the most gracious canine companion you’ll ever meet is a rescue dog. Local animal shelters are always chock-full of animals eager to be given a second chance on belonging to a loving family. When choosing a rescue dog at the shelter, bring the kids along and choose a dog that interacts well. Each dog’s personality will be different, so choose one that is patient, calm, and snuggly.

One of the keys to having a close, positive, and rewarding connection with your dog is to remember that a healthy animal is a happy animal. Once you bring your furry friend home, consider choosing a natural pet product supplement to support his or her health over your years together. Natural pet products such as NHV’s Multi Essentials [2] will stimulate your dog’s metabolism, aid in digestion, promote a healthy coat, and increase your dog’s energy levels.

Regardless of the size of your home, number of children, lifestyle, or personality, there is a dog out there that’s right for your family. Research online, ask your friends, call breeders, and contact your local shelters. Invest the time up-front in choosing the right dog, and you’ll be sure to have a long and meaningful relationship with your new family member.

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