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Feeding a Sick Dog – The Benefits of Caru Dog Food

Posted March 14, 2015

Many dog-owners are so used to watching their pets devour their meals that it can be quite upsetting when their dog won’t eat. There are many reasons why a dog won’t eat, from a change in routine to gastrointestinal issues, to recovery from ailments, or surgery. Getting your dog to eat is essential to their quick recovery and healing.

In order to help ailing dogs, NHV Natural Pet Products wanted to offer a highly palatable, nutritious dog food that adhered strictly to our high standards and values. Our choice was simple: Caru. Caru is a human-grade product, manufactured in a human-grade facility; and is only one of two pet food brands that is FDA approved to use the term “Human Grade” on their packaging.

Caru is exceptionally popular with pet parents because of it’s palatability, which is significantly better than most manufactured pet foods on the market, regardless of whether it is raw, wet, freeze-dried or dry.   In fact, our resident 20-year old NHV dog, Lady, loves her Caru Chicken Stew; she gobbles it up, veggies and all—which is a big deal, since she is incredibly picky when it comes to eating her veggies!

Here are some common health issues affecting dogs and why as a pet parent, Caru should be your go-to nutritional choice.

Feeding Your Dog When They Have Diarrhea

Have you ever had your dog steal something from the kitchen counter when you weren’t looking? Has your dog wolfed-down something disgusting at the park before you had a chance to stop them?  These common occurrences can unfortunately lead to sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea as the body tries to rid the system of whatever has caused the digestive issue. Although, it’s important to allow your dog to expel the matter, diarrhea and vomiting can quickly lead to dehydration especially if your dog is no longer eating or drinking.

Caru is a moisture-rich product that will aid in hydration. Highly nutritious and palatable, Caru will help the body get strong and allow your pet to start eating again. Tip: Try putting some NHV Plantaaris in the food to help digestion and aid diarrhea.

Feeding Your Dog When They Have Undergone Cancer, Surgery, and Antibiotic Treatments

As your dog goes through their treatment, a loss of appetite and energy is common. Caru is protein-rich with human-grade meat, contains no GMO, and is gluten and grain-free, so your dog is getting the energy they need from a nutritious source. Tip: Even the pickiest dog will eat this food, so we advise putting your NHV supplements like NHV ES-Clear for Cancer support in this food. Feel free to change up the flavor to keep your dog interested (Caru comes in Chicken, Beef, and Turkey Stew).

Feeding Your Picky Senior Dog

As dogs get older, they natural slow down, and keeping their nutrition optimal is key to increasing their longevity. Caru is Omega-3 and Omega-6 enriched for a healthy skin and coat; Caru is also Fiber-rich with human-grade ingredients for digestive health. Tip: To make sure your dog is always at optimal health, try putting NHV Multi-Essentials in the Caru Food.

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