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FeLV Positive cat surprises everyone with holistic help

Posted October 12, 2017

A while ago we ran a campaign called Natural selfie. Through it we donated some remedies and supplements to Carson Cats, a team of people who run a cat rescue in Los Angeles. They work selflessly at pulling cats out from high kill shelters and giving them a second chance. One of these cats was Freddie. He had no name at that point. He was just a ‘feral’ cat who was attacking other domestic cats and was trapped and handed over to the city shelter to be killed. Carson Cats pulled him out and began the struggle to find him a forever home. Their efforts took a hit when he tested positive for FeLV. For this ‘ feral’ cat to be adopted or even fostered, it was important for him to be healthy and disease free.

Feral cat trapped and taken into care

Carson Cats reached out to cat lovers around them. A wonderful man stepped up to watch over this cat until the next vet visit. In the meanwhile, the still ‘feral’ cat received consistent dosage of NHV Felimm – a herbal blend that detoxifies the lymphatic system and works against viral infections. Freddie also got consistent dosage of NHV ES Clear – our prime cancer supporting blend. This one is excellent for giving a power boost to quality of life in a cat or dog fighting a chronic infection.

Freddie the cat takes NHV remedies for FeLV, Cancer and overall wellbeing

This untamed rescue was given the name Freddie. His foster dad found that he wasn’t feral at all. He was cute, fun and lovable. Soon the time came for another test. With fingers crossed, Freddie’s foster family took him to the vet.

Freddie cat FeLV NHV Felimm Review Natural Selfie 5

Guess what! Freddie surprised everyone by testing negative for FeLV. Wow. All it took was love and his dosage of NHV Felimm and NHV ES Clear. What’s ahead for him? We’ve recommended a 6 month course of Felimm for now. Infections like FIV, FIP and FeLV are chronic and tend to reoccur. Thus, Freddie will need the Felimm doses every alternate period of 3 months. At his weight, that’s just two bottles of Felimm in a year to keep his immunity strong and to keep him testing negative for FeLV. Freddie is now waiting for a forever family to adopt him. He is such a fluffy and warm 2-year old boy, we are sure he’ll bring lots of happiness wherever he goes. This story has taken a happy turn, but the happy ending of Freddie’s adoption is yet to come.

Did you know how Freddie got his NHV supplies in the first place? It’s because of some natural selfies that dogs and cats on Instagram clicked for us. We thank our 5000 furry participants for their support in helping us donate our remedies to Carson Cats and CARES Clarksdale. Look at the difference you have made!

NHV Gives Back – One Pet Selfie At A Time

Here’s what Carson Cats posted on their Instagram for Freddie:

Freddie cat FeLV NHV Felimm Review Natural Selfie 5

Remember this guy?! We were messaged on FB from someone who said her family had trapped a feral cat who was fighting with her cats. They kept the cat in the trap for a few days and were going to take him to the shelter. We asked her to just TNR him and that would probably solve the problem- instead he got dumped at the high kill shelter. We networked him and an awesome guy stepped up and offered up his backyard since the shelter wanted to put him down. So we pulled him, but upon release he tested positive for FELV. Well the foster didn’t give up hope on him and we set up a plan to retest him in a month or so to see if he could fight the disease and retest negative. In the meantime we gave him daily doses of a holistic medication that we were donated by NHV Natural Pet Products. As the days went on, the foster realized he wasn’t really feral at all! He had to stay in a cage at first bc we thought he was feral, but after he got free roam of the laundry room, since he still had to be contained if he was contagious. So for about a month and half he has been living in the laundry room, but given lots of love, attention and meds from his foster. He has blossomed into a gorgeous boy! Sweet, funny, playful. Well the big day came on Friday to re-test…. and lo and behold…. HE TESTED NEGATIVE!!!!! We are beyond ecstatic as we have become so invested in him and his health. So no more laundry room and this guy gets to get adopted!!! He is about 2 years old and ready for the home of his dreams. Let’s finish off this story with a true happy ending and get this guy the forever home he deserves.

We are glad to be a part of Freddie’s story. Do you know a cat who is fighting viral infection or a chronic condition? We’d love to offer holistic advice. NHV Felimm can help pets with viral infections, fungal infections and even bacterial infectionsIt is also a part of the various wellness packs we have put together for virals like FIV, FIP and cancers like Lymphoma.

Henry the cat is FIV Positive but naturally healthy

Get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert for a customized holistic suggestion for your pet’s health.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.