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Healthy Pets + Healthy Humans = Healthy Planet – It’s a Natural Relationship

Posted July 3, 2013

NHV is all about keeping pets healthy with natural remedies, but we should also recognize that keeping a pet is a natural health remedy for humans.

Research has shown that pets are good for your health. They lower blood pressure, help combat depression, and encourage exercise – Walkies! They even do Doga with us – that’s dog yoga to all cat owners out there.

For 12000 years our domesticated pets have helped guard our homes and our herds, they have kept the mice and rats away and been loyal friends and protectors.

Don’t they deserve the best natural pet care?

NHV products are vet-formulated; many caring veterinarians recognize the benefits of natural health care for pets and will recommend natural remedies that treat the cause of illness, deal with the symptoms and boost the immune system.

The key to effective, natural pet care is to take note of the symptoms. Dogs and cats know when there is something wrong with us, they sense it, and we know when our pets are feeling under the weather – the evidence may be left on the floor!

The most common dog and cat symptoms of illness are diarrhea, loss of appetite, excessive urination and skin problems, these may be a sign of liver, kidney or adrenal malfunction, and can be treated with products such as Tripsy, Supraglan or Milk Thistle.

This ecosystem provides us with clean air, clean water, good food and the natural remedies of plants and herbs to treat illness.

Let’s do the same for our pets.

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