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Helping and Preventing Cat and Dog Ear Infections

Posted February 4, 2013

If your pet is shaking her head, scratching her ears, or even yelping when her ears are touched- chances are she’s developed an ear infection. Though fairly common in both cats and dogs, ear infections can be painful and can lead to greater damage if left untreated. Ear infections result from a variety of factors, but once the cause has been determined, they are easy to treat and also largely preventable.

Once your cat or dog’s ear infection has been diagnosed, natural pet products are an excellent way to relieve your pet’s symptoms. Echo Gold for cat ear infections and Echo Gold for dog ear infections are both examples of natural pet products that work quickly to ease your pet’s symptoms and assist in their recovery. Containing Chamomile, Goldenseal, Coneflower, Myrrh, and Tea Tree Oil, the Echo Gold mixture boosts your pet’s immune system, calms irritated skin and eliminates ear discharge.

Prevention of pet ear infections differs depending on the type of animal.


  • Check your cat’s ears often to ensure that they are a pale pink colour, odourless and with minimal ear wax
  • Only clean your cat’s ears if instructed by your Veterinarian, and never insert an object into the ear since the eardrum is easily ruptured


  • Regular cleaning of the ears (even when healthy) is recommended
  • Ensure that your dog’s ears are thoroughly dried after bathing, or swimming

In both cats and dogs it’s crucial to maintain a healthy diet and avoid foods known to be allergenic for your pet. With a healthy diet, a natural pet product to ease your pet’s symptoms, and some extra TLC, your cat or dog will quickly regain those healthy ears and be once again begging you to give a good rub behind them.

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