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Herbal remedies and antibiotics, for UTI in cats? Read Zeppy’s tale.

Posted July 16, 2017

When Zeppy, the cat was diagnosed with UTI, the vets had no choice but to put him on antibiotics. After a week long course, Zeppy was still suffering and to add to his mom’s misery, his kidney and liver levels didn’t permit another week of antibiotics. In such a situation, Zeppy’s mom found NHV Tripsy. A gentle yet effective, herbal formula that could help Zeppy with his UTI and also get his kidney and liver numbers back on track. If you’ve ever had a pet suffer from infections like UTI, you’d want to read what Zeppy’s mom has to say!

Thank you, Annie for sharing your story:

Buy this product! My 7 yo male had a UTI that I couldn’t get him over with other natural products. I took him to the vet and his urinalysis showed a high level of crystals, blood and bacteria in the urine. What I didn’t know is when you take a urine sample you must keep it cool or bacteria can double within 20 minutes. In the Florida heat it took me 40 minutes to get the sample to them so the bacteria showed extremely high-maybe higher than it should have been but there was bacteria regardless. The vet wanted to put him on a strong antibiotic but his kidney and liver levels were not strong enough. I did use clavamox for a week while the vet kept saying he was going to need another round and that she needed him to be on a stronger antibiotic, but I also used the therapeutic dose of Tripsy. A week later, no crystals, no blood and no bacteria. He had an x-ray showing stones in his urethra so I will be keeping him on Tripsy and I will have his blood tested in 6 months with another vet since this one was PUSHING an RX diet. I spent almost $800 at this vet and I am sure that Tripsy would have taken care of the problem if I had had it earlier. Save yourself the big bucks and use Tripsy. *

When our pets are unwell, we are desperate to try everything possible to make them comfortable again. And in our efforts to help them, we often take them for surgeries, make them eat strong antibiotics or inject them with pharmaceutical drugs. But sometimes the side effects of these efforts can take a toll on your pet’s vitals. Especially, in the longer term. Which is where integrative veterinary medicine steps in! NHV remedies like Tripsy are specially formulated by a holistic vet and a master herbalist together, to help dogs and cats cope with health disorders, holistically. They can help enhance the conventional treatment that your pet is getting, by reducing any ill-effects those drugs may be causing and by supporting the body’s natural immunity and ability to fight the disease.

Zeppy - 7 year old cat

Zeppy – 7 year old cat

If your dog or cat is seeing the vet for a chronic health issue, do get in touch with our NHV Pet Experts to work out a holistic plan for you. We will understand your pet’s complete history, and in conjunction with your vet’s treatment, we will recommend some herbal remedies to help your pet naturally. You can always discuss those with your vet and decide if you wish to begin. But the important step here is to ask and look for integrative solutions. We are always there to offer information about our natural supplements.

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* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.