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Lucy the Apso dog’s progress with cancer leaves everyone surprised

Posted July 4, 2017

After Gayle’s daughter received the heart breaking cancer discovery news about her dog Lucy, Gayle decided to help her daughter by ordering a natural support pack from NHV. Thank you Gayle, for helping us reach Lucy and for sharing this lovely news with us.

Amazing results from Cancer [Pack] 3. After my daughter received a negative prognosis regarding her little Lucy after a malignant tumor was removed from Lucy’s kidney, I ordered the Cancer [Pack] 3. The vet said she could not get all of the tumor and it would probably grow back in a few months. After being on NHV Cancer [Pack] 3 for a month, no sign of the tumor..Needless to say Vet was amazed. We thank God and NHV for this wonderful healing.

Finding out your pet has cancer is a nerve-wrecking experience for a pet parent. Sometimes, you can get too caught up in the usual protocols that looking for alternatives or for additional support doesn’t come to your mind. We are glad Gayle was there to help her daughter by finding out about our holistic support packs and ordering one for Lucy.

Lucky apso profile shot

Here’s why our Cancer Support Kit is a great addition to a dog or cat’s cancer treatment. It includes three essential cancer-managing herbal blends. Es Clear, which contains herbs that are used for fighting cancer and this formula may help check tumor growth. Turmeric, which is an age-old support for cancer and overall wellbeing. Milk Thistle, which is a pure herbal extract that aims to support the liver and keep it detoxified and regenerated as needed.

NHV cancer support kit for cats and dogs with cancer

For Lucy, having removed a tumor from the kidneys, liver support in the form of milk thistle is very important. It also helps with any damage that surgery drugs may have caused. And since her vet did mention that there was still a tumor in there, the Es Clear is important to keep it under check. We are glad that our supplements are helping this little apso, cope better. And though most dogs and cats, don’t mind the taste of our supplements, we are happy to see that Lucy loves taking her dosage. Most of our supplements are glycerin-based which gives them a little sweet natural taste and hence, they’re easier to mix in their food or drop in their mouths directly after they have eaten their meals.

Lucy apso taking natural cancer supplement

If you know a pet in need of some holistic help, please do reach out to us. NHV pet experts will help you find the most suitable herbal remedy or supplement for your furkid.

Update – November, 2017

Lucy’s doing well and still surprising her vets and her parents! Her mom, Denise shared some of her recent photos with her and we couldn’t stop aww-ing.  We think she’s a pro at head-tilting.

lucy dog with cancer lucy cute dog cancer NHV Apso lucy cute dog cancer NHV Apso lucy cute dog cancer NHV Apso

Update January 2018 (Lucy’s mom Denise sent us the kindest and cutest thank you message)

After Lucy’s 1st surgery last year to remove a tumor from her bladder, I started on NHV products, thanks to my step-mom.  The tumor eventually disappeared.  For the last 8 months or so, I have been returning to the vet’s office for ultrasounds every two months.  A new tumor developed further away from Lucy’s urethra after the 1st tumor disappeared.  During my last visit a few weeks ago, Lucy was tumor free.

I am offering my Lovely Lucy as a mascot if you wish.  It’s a miracle.  Do not have to go for further ultrasounds except for every three months now.

She is my Love and it is so wonderful to have her whole again.  I am Truly Blessed.  Thank You, NHV.
Lucy dog cancer 2018 NHV tumor free cutest dog

* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.