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NHV Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack helps rescue cat cope with FeLV

Posted January 6, 2018

FeLV shouldn’t stop you from adopting a kitten. With natural support from NHV you can make your little fighter healthy and comfortable. That’s exactly what this rescue mom has planned for her FeLV kitty, Stella. We’re keeping our paws crossed and doing what we can to help Stella live a healthy life like any other kitten. It’s been more than a year now and we couldn’t be happier.

When I was told by my vet that the sick kitten I rescued had feline leukemia I was crushed. My vet explained that most kittens diagnosed with FELV at her age don’t live longer than a year and rarely live longer than 4 years. I became determined to do all I could to strengthen her immune system and give her the best life I could no matter how short. Stella is now 1 1/2 years old and going strong! I credit NHV Feline Leukemia Fighter Pack as part of a intensive natural health program that is keeping Stella happy and frisky.

Here’s my Stella. Taking time to pose for the camera.

Stella cat felv nhv remedy

How adorable is she? We are so happy to help cat mom Renee enjoy the moments every cat mom cherishes.

FeLV cats need some special attention and care, but they will be just as playful and lovable as all other kittens. Our lead holistic vet, Dr. Cook, explains how to help a FeLV Kitten. She says, “the treatment for Feline leukemia is mainly supportive and includes the treating of infection, anemia, and immune suppression that occurs from this disease. Leukemia positive cats and kittens should be kept indoors to keep them from contracting other diseases due to their weakened immune system, and to keep them from spreading the disease. Stress in cats should be avoided as stress lowers the immune system of cats, making it more difficult for them to fight off other infections that they may contract.” You can find more information about the symptoms, causes and prevention of FeLV in Dr. Cook’s article about it.

Understanding Feline Leukemia with Dr. Hillary Cook

Just like Stella, Henry and Freddie have been able to cope with FeLV with the help of our holistic blends.

Henry the cat is FIV Positive but naturally healthy

FeLV Positive cat surprises everyone with holistic help

If Feline Leukemia is something you need advice about, please do get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert. We’d love to help work out a suitable holistic treatment plan for your furbaby.

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