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NHV Helps Barney In His Battle Against Cancer

Posted May 5, 2017

We’re happy to receive some great news about Barney, an adorable black cat who is fighting cancer. Thank you Lorraine for sending us these encouraging words and lovely news. We wish Barney so much love and comfort. We’re glad we are able to help him.

Here’s what Lorraine, Barney’s mom, had to say:


*My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with cancer and prescribed predniscolone. I also started giving him Milk Thistle, ES Clear and Turmeric (therapeutic dosage). I see a big improvement in his energy and his black coat is shinier. I’m taking him to the vet for a follow up and hoping he’ll be taken off the steroid. Expecting a good report! *


*I brought my cat  Barney for a checkup with the vet and she was amazed at how well he is.  She said whatever I am doing is great because he gained weight, stopped throwing up and appears to be like his old self!  I attribute it to the NHV products I’m giving him which are Turmeric, Milk Thistle and ES Clear.  I also cut down on the steroid from 1 tablet a day to 1/4 a day.  My next question for you is, should I continue on the therapeutic dosage or cut down to the maintenance dosage since he is doing so well?

* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

Barney the cat

We’re glad to know that our cancer support pack was able to help Barney gain weight, eat better and get back to being chirpy and lively. Barney was on the higher therapeutic dose of our natural remedies. Barney’s mom now wants to know if she should continue giving him the higher dose or should she bring it down to the smaller maintenance dose. Her question is a very important one. And many pet parents often ask us about the dosage needs of their pet. Let us explain how to decide what’s the most suitable dosage of NHV Natural Pet Products for your dog or cat.

  1. Therapeutic usage for progressive diseases

    Our herbal formulas are gentle blends. In some pets they show effect in a few days and in others it may take a couple of weeks. In pets with progressive diseases like kidney disorders, cancer, heart murmurs, or when addressing any type of pet health condition, we always suggest the therapeutic dosage for their lifetime. Our supplements are glycerin-based and safe for long term use. They contain no preservatives or chemicals (which is why once opened, they need to be refrigerated).

    Our remedies are meant to help support a pet’s body as they fight disease, which is why pet patients with progressive health disorders will have to continue with the therapeutic dosage for as long as they are using them.

    Our therapeutic dosage is based on weight:
    0 – 24 lb 0.5 mL
    25 – 49 lb 1.0 mL
    50 – 74 lb 1.5 mL
    Over 75 lb 2.0 mL

    NHV Dosage Chart

  2. Increased dosage for pets with severely deteriorated conditions

    In some cases, such as pets with a severely deteriorated condition, we may suggest an increase in the dosage of NHV supplements. This depends on our assessment of many factors, like how much is the fur baby eating, how well is he or she coping with certain other symptoms and health mishaps. After assessing these and other things, our pet experts may suggest an increase in supplements.

    If you feel that your pet may need a higher dosage, our formulations can safely be doubled. Our pet experts can also help you figure out the correct dosage for your pet.

    Please contact us should you have any questions – we are always here to help.


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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.