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NHV Lesstress Helps 2 Senior Dogs Cope with Fireworks

Posted July 19, 2017

Fireworks and celebrations might be fun for us humans, but they can be very scary and stressful for our pets. With more sensitive hearing and general lack of understanding of the innocence of fireworks and other loud noises from celebrations, not to mention the increase in number of people around, it is easy to see why our pet might experience negative reactions to these events. But for Star and Tux, two senior dogs, they did not have so much to worry about this year because their mom was prepared. She reached out to us before the 4th of July celebrations to make sure that she could do as much as possible to help her dogs cope with the upcoming festivities.

I was concerned for my 2 senior dogs as the 4th of July was approaching. The fireworks scare them terribly. I reached out to this company and was told about the product called Lesstress. I have to say, I was highly impressed! Both of my dogs remained fairly calm and got through all the loud noises with no problem. I highly recommend their products! *

Tux and Star - Lesstress for fireworks


How does Lesstress help?

NHV Lesstress is an herbal formulation that acts on the nervous and immune systems to help to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity and excitability. Lesstress can even help reduce destructive behaviours. It is a great supplement to use for various forms of nervousness, stress and anxiety, like separation anxiety, loss of a furry friend or addition of a new pet, special events or celebrations (fireworks) and during illness (stress can cause conditions to worsen). Lesstress also helps to boost the immune system. By reducing anxiety, many pet parents see a reduction in some of the “bad” behaviours that their dog may be displaying such as chewing, scratching, or urinating inside the house.



NHV Lesstress is best suited for dogs. If you have a cat that is experiencing anxiety, stress or aggression, NHV Matricalm would be a great natural remedy. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and aggression, much the same as the Lesstress, but contains herbs that cats find more palatable.



Even Elsie was excited that her brother and sister had help staying calm for the fireworks and just wanted to be part of it all!


Having troubleĀ getting control of your pet’s anxiety? Contact one of our NHV Pet Experts for additional tips and tricks, or complete an online vet consultation with Dr. Hillary Cook!

* Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.