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NHV Naturally Healthy Pet Challenge was a fun ride for all participants

Posted August 1, 2017

In May, we organized a fun challenge for our dog and cat friends on Instagram. With the help of 3 of our lovely dog parents, @TiffThePup, @chilly_chi_from_az and @livinthecrazy, we organized a Naturally Healthy Pet Challenge and had some 24 cats and dogs share pictures of how they stay healthy.

Naturally healthy pet challenge NHV

Initially we had thought we’d pick the best entry, but when they all came in so cute, it was impossible for us to decide. So we let our precious cat, Jonika do the honours. We know she loves to chew on paper clips and we have to literally keep all our paper clips sealed and hidden beyond her reach. So here’s how we used her love for paper clips to choose a winner.

Jonika’s lucky draw made the challenge even more fun! Little Ryot who won the challenge is a special dog too. She travels with her mom on outdoor adventures to raise awareness for an animal rescue called PAWS Chicago.

Recently our winner shared a lovely picture with us to show off her NHV supplies. Nicole, Ryot’s mom says that the Natural Anti-tick Target Spray has been handy in her outdoor experience. And the herbal mouth drops are keeping Ryot’s mouth smelling fresh (which is a surprise she says) and also keeping her gums and teeth healthy. She hasn’t had a chance yet to use her NHV Heal Care Ointment though. The heal care ointment is great to help with muscle pain and paw pad care. It can be rubbed on the paws and on sore limbs to bring soothing relief.

Ryot the travelling dog

We are hoping to hear more from Ryot’s mom but for now we are just happy to see this little furgirl have a healthy fun time exploring the outdoors. Follow us on Instagram for more fun engagements and contests to participate in with your furkids!



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