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Simple Steps for a Healthy Puppy and Healthy Kitten

Posted July 13, 2015

How exciting—A new furry little bundle of joy!

Puppies and kittens, like any baby, require a lot of attention, care, feeding, and socialization to become happy, healthy adults. In addition to the basic care of pet vaccinations, proper diet and socialization, puppies and kittens are prone to some very common health issues. Here are 5 natural ways to help your little furry baby stay healthy.

1. Deworm Your Kitten and Puppy Several Times a Year

Worms are very common with puppies and kittens since parasitic larvae can be passed through the placenta or mother’s milk. It’s a good idea to deworm your puppy or kitten regularly as a preventative care measure. If left untreated worms can cause very severe health issues for your pet, including blood loss, malabsorption, and damage to the digestive tract. Click here for a full description on deworming pets from our blog.

To help you kitten or puppy naturally, NHV recommends NHV Inulin-PK for cats or dogs, which contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-parasitic herbs like wormwood and Oregon grape to help fight parasites without the adverse side effects. We suggest using NHV Inulin-PK for cats or dogs throughout the year to help your little one stay worm free!

2. Adding Nutritional Supplements to Your Puppy or Kitten’s Diet

Many processed pet foods on the market are, unfortunately, a mass of unlabeled and questionable ingredients and inadequate nutrition. A simple Google search on processed pet food will provide enough information to make the caring animal guardian cringe.

We recommend buying well-researched product made by conscientious companies interested in extending the life of your pet. Unfortunately, even with a good product, dogs and cats often only eat one type and brand for a majority of their lives. This lack of variety can cause nutritional voids, which can lead to illness.

We recommend providing your pets with NHV Multi-Essentials for dogs or cats, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals designed to help metabolize nutrients, improve digestion, promote strong muscle and bone growth, and encourage healthy skin and fur.

Also, processed pet foods do not have a balance between omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. It is vital to have a balance to help maintain and improve health. NHV recommends using PetOmega 3 for cats or dogs to provide that balance.

3. Keep a Natural Anti-Diarrhea Aid Handy

Kittens and puppies may get an upset tummy while you try out different foods for them or while they mischievously eat things that they shouldn’t. Having a bottle of NHV Plantaeris for dogs or cats handy will help your little one recover from a bout of diarrhea quickly.

4. Keep a Natural First Aid Spray Close By

Playful puppies and kittens are sure to tumble into trouble. NHV’s natural first aid spray for cats or dogs will help prevent infection, reduce pain and irritation and speed healing.

Have any questions with your new puppy and kitten. We would love to help with your adorable furry baby! Send us a message or call us at 1-877-937-4372.


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