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Taking in a feral cat – a step by step guide

Posted January 26, 2018

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your house was big enough to bring in all the stray cats and dogs in the neighbourhood? Of course, you’d then need a job that pays you for staying in and taking care of all those animals. It sure would be a life well spent. Sigh. 🙁

While you may not be able to take in all the strays, you can try to bring in that feral cat who sometimes visits your driveway and garbage cans. Unlike popular belief, feral cats are just like domestic cats and have just as much love to give. They are less humanized and have strong animal instincts that can make taming them a careful process. Many cat parents who have successfully housed a feral cat and continued to live together say that the feeling of earning a feral cat’s love and trust is just out of this world.

Feral cat trapped and taken into care

Do you have a feral cat who you’d like to bring in and make your family’s new furry member? We have put together a guide that explains all the steps that you will need to take from the time you bring her in to the time she becomes like any other lovable and purring domestic cat in the house. We have also added some bonus tips in the form of recipes, do’s and don’ts that you can only get from the pet experts at NHV Natural Pet Products.

It is an elaborate guide with 7 important steps that include

1 – Your feral cat’s room
2 – Establishing your relationship
3 – Trips to the vet
4 – Introduction to other pets
5 – Your feral cat’s diet
6 – Establishing routine
7 – Health concerns for feral cats

The guide also has bonus tips for some other issues that you might experience along this journey:

  • Areas to avoid petting a cat
  • Post spay and neuter care for a cat
  • How to handle loss of appetite in cats
  • Calm introduction of two cats
  • Calm introduction between a cat and a dog
  • Nutritious bone broth recipe for cats
  • Herbal supplements to avoid common health ailments in feral cats
You can download all this information in a simple pdf, save it to your mobile or print it and keep handy. Here’s the download link:

Download “Taking in a feral cat - step by step guide” Taking-in-a-feral-cat-guide-by-NHV-Natural-Pet-Products-1.pdf – 681 kB

Taking in a feral cat a step by step guide

You have made the right decision by rescuing a feral cat from the streets and offering her a home to live and a family to love. With proper care and supplementation, you will soon discover your cat is very lovable and playful. Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to find help or guidance as you start this journey together. We love your pets, naturally!

Freddie the cat takes NHV remedies for FeLV, Cancer and overall wellbeingFreddie cat FeLV NHV Felimm Review Natural Selfie 5

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