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What is Arnica & Can It Be Used For Pets?

Posted December 9, 2016


Arnica is a classic sunflower with bright yellow flowers and is found in the alpine regions of North America. It has traditionally been used in western herbalism and homeopathy for pain and bruising. Whether the pain stems from arthritis or muscle bruising or trauma, arnica can be used both internally and topically for your dog or cat depending on whether it’s an ointment or internally ingestible homeopathic formulation.

I use arnica daily either in homeopathic pellets, or topically in an herbal ointment (Heal Care Ointment) for bruising and pain. If any of my staff is scratched or bitten, arnica is our recommended go to product

For my animal patients, arnica is used every day for post surgical, dental, laceration repair, or any trauma for bruising and pain. It is a powerful herb that never lets me down.

Arnica comes in several different forms and is used differently depending on the condition that your cat or dog is suffering from.

Arnica is western herbalism is used in topical formulation such as NHV’s Heal Care Ointment for Pets; it can also be found in creams and gels. It is used in acute and chronic conditions such as sore muscles, bruises and sprains.

The arnica homeopathic pellets are given right after the traumatic event or for use in chronic pain such as arthritis. Typically for the homeopathic option, 3 pellets are administered per dose and can be repeated up to three times per day. I routinely use arnica post spay in a dog or cat topically around the incision, and also give 30C orally post operatively. I have owners repeat both dosages at home two more times (every 8 hours).

Arnica comes in 6C (least potent), 30C medium potency, and IM (most potent). The pellets should not be touched. They should be mixed in spring water, then administered orally with spring water.

Arnica is a powerful herbal remedy that comes in various forms. I use it everyday to treat my children, pets and husband, not to mention on at my veterinary clinic for my animal patients with trauma, post surgical or chronic pain.

NHV’s Arnica ointment, which is called Heal Care, would be a good all around ointment to have on hand for any pet care needs. 

Do you have a pet who is suffering from pain? Would arnica be useful? If you would like holistic advise on pet pain and arnica ointment, please contact me for an on-line veterinary consultation.

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