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Winter Walks, Protecting our Dog’s Paws

Posted January 28, 2015


From the cold snow, to the de-icing chemicals on the ground, winter can be ruthless on our dog’s paw pads. Thankfully, there are some ways that we can keep our dogs safe during these cold winter months.

Before heading out on your winter adventures, make sure your dog’s paw pads are ready for the harsh winter weather-

  • Clip long fur that grows between your dog’s toes, making sure the hair does not make contact with the ground. This practice will help ensure ice balls do not form and cause pain or trauma.
  • When safely possible, avoid salted areas when walking to keep your dog away from harsh chemicals used to melt snow.
  • Using a warm washcloth or warm bowl of water will help wash away any chemicals and ice balls your furry friend may have brought home.
  • Apply all-natural Heal Care Ointment to clean dry paw pads after a walk to help soothe and heal any bruising, sprains, cuts, wounds or infections.

Settling into a routine like this during the winter months can help save time and money by preventing serious paw pad injuries. Please don’t forget dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia – just like us! If you notice worrisome behavior please contact your local veterinarian.

How do you keep your dog’s paws safe during these winter months? Tell us below!

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