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Beating cancer: Shiva’s fight against intestinal lymphoma

Posted 2020-05-26

Shiva’s Mom, Kelly, originally came to us in January. She had saved her girl Shiva, and was looking for a natural way to support her kitty dealing with intestinal lymphoma. Sadly, this is one of the most common forms of lymphoma in cats. She noticed her girl was losing weight, and wanted to do everything in her power to keep her girl strong and healthy.

Caring for a cat with cancer is not always an easy job, and requires the dedication of loving pet parents. Sometimes half the struggle is keeping our kitties well enough to stay strong and fight the disease. Cats will often lose their appetite when they don’t feel well, so food intake can be indicative of quality of life. That’s why good nutrition is never more important than when your fur baby is fighting cancer. Shiva’s mom, Kelly kept researching the best ways to care for her beloved animal, knowing that she had to save her baby. She understood treatment options, found an oncologist, and tried her best to keep a normal routine for Shiva.


In Kelly’s words, she describes Shiva’s condition 2 years ago. When they were still struggling with the initial diagnosis and trying to find the right answers. 

“A myriad of tests revealed nothing. Out of desperation, Paul started syringe feeding her, but he was having alarmingly little success, so we hospitalized her at the closest vet clinic under the mistaken assumption that they would do a better job of getting nourishment into her than we were. They put her on IV fluids which were beneficial, but when the head vet there said, “Not eating is incompatible with life,” I said, “Well then. We’ll be checking her out now. Yes, right now,” and we took her directly to Iowa State University Veterinarian Hospital and admitted her.”


“It’s painful to describe how very, very, very sick Shiva was. She was either not eating anything whatsoever or throwing up if she did. Her weight dropped to five pounds, she looked like a skeleton with fur and spent 100% of the time in the meatloaf, pain position hiding under the bed.

We spent the next three months getting up three and four times a night to feed her and driving back from work in the middle of the day to feed her again in an effort to get as much nourishment into as we could, praying every time we woke up or came home that she was still alive. We made sure one of us was at home every evening and all weekend and never left her alone longer than three hours. Paul was medicating her morning and night with [vet prescribed medications], mushrooms and three different herb and vitamin liquids, and he was giving her B-12 shots once a week for a month.”

Her story touched us because we knew the feeling of wanting to do everything you can for your fur baby, and how difficult that first diagnosis can be. Read the full story on ‘Saving Shiva (again)’, as told by her Mom Kelly.

Our Lymphoma Gold Support Kit contains 3 cancer support supplements. ES Clear is our main cancer support- it supports healthy healing of feline cancers, including lymphoma. Felimm encourages detoxification of the lymph system, and Tripsy helps support the kidneys (which is essential in helping your fur baby’s fight against lymphoma)

Shiva is happily playing today. Her treatment plan includes chemo, medication, and NHV supplements. She was able to cut back on her medication and chemo after 3 months of treatment.

Shiva is fat and happy. Eating enthusiastically, bugging us to take her outside for supervised walks . . . or runs as you saw in the short video . . . or sprints up a tree.



Read the full story on ‘Saving Shiva (again)’, as told by her Mom Kelly.

We wish Shiva many happy days ahead and wish to continue to support her holistic journey. Thank you Kelly, for allowing us to share her story of what saved Shiva. We never forget the first time we lay eyes on our fur babies and vow to do whatever we can for them, in sickness and in health.

Do you have a cat with lymphoma? More information on helping your pet dealing with lymphoma.  Cancer is a common diagnosis in pets, and you do not have to deal with it on your own. We would love to help your fur baby holistically.

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