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Bobby the cat tells his tale of diabetes

Posted 2020-06-05

This blog is by Bobby a.k.a Bobs, a senior cat in Toronto. Very loved by his family and deeply adored by all his friends on Instagram. Bobby lives with his humans who he adorably calls ‘dah woman’ and ‘my bro’. He recently got diagnosed with diabetes and we are going to let Bobby tell you his diabetes tale. We know that there are many more exciting updates to come from little Bobby but we decided to share his story with you nevertheless. Coz it’s so cute!

July 09

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Mah friends. The woman is very upset. I peed on the floor next to my litter box and she cleaned it up with a paper towel and my pee looks pink. She called the vet and hopefully I can get seen ASAP. You all thought that I had a UTI three weeks ago and she feels really bad that she didn’t make my bro have the vet see me right away while she was in Montreal. Bad woman.

July 12

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplementsdiabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Hello mah friends! I am currently in the closet, so the woman can’t take my picture, but we wanted to update you all on my visit from my vet today. He was here for over two hours and he carefully explained everything to the woman. The woman has a degree in Physiology (not that she did very well), so she is comfortable receiving this information. She knew that degree would be good for something someday! So I’m getting a tiny dosage (one unit) twice per day as well as a weekly B12 shot. The woman just watched him do it today and I handled it very well. The blood glucose testing was a little more hairy. We had a little trouble pricking my ear and I didn’t like that. But overall I did extremely well.
We aren’t going to change my diet yet. We’re going to see what the whole picture is like after I see the internal medicine specialist for the ultrasound. My appointment is tomorrow morning! The woman can’t believe it was that easy to get me in to see someone. She’s not looking forward to putting me in the box and taking me in an Uber, but my grandmah is still here, so we will all go together.

So all is going great in Bobby-land! We are so happy to have your suppawt. We already ordered our @nhvnaturalpet supplements and they are going to give us advice on a diet plan. The woman wants as much advice as possible.

We are so so grateful to have such a caring vet. We feel very well taken care of. And we have all of yous! The woman is sorry she hasn’t gotten to answer your comments and questions yet. Her brain is full of me! Now she’s going to go buy a pet scale so she can monitor my weight. Thank you all again so much! Yous mah wolfpack!

July 17

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Hai, friends! Another small victory today. The woman bought a baby scale so she can weigh me at home. A week ago, I was 8.9lbs and now I am……..8.96lbs! Hurr hurr. Can we round up?

July 19

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

I gots good news and bad news. The good news is that I’m up to 9.08lbs from 8.9lbs. The bad news is that the woman is leaving me today to babysit my nieces and nephews

July 20

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Hullo, friends!  @nhvnaturalpet is a wunnerful company. They’ve been suppawting me through my recent diabetes and kidney disease diagnoses and we are so grateful. The are very active on IG and they answer questions and provide advice immediately. The woman ordered Mellit for my diabetes, Tripsy for my kidney disease, Mouth Drops for my infected gums, as well as a Turmeric and Milk Thistle to suppawt my general health. They also sent the woman recipes for homemade kitty food, which she is very anxious to start making when she gets back from Montreal.

July 21

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

She thinks I look so healthy! She’s so happy to know that after all this time, my poor cells are finally getting the nourishment they need. She can’t wait to come home and see how I’ve changed. In addition to the insulin I’m also getting b12 shots, which she thinks must be making me feel better too.

July 31

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Mah supplements from @nhvnaturalpet arrived! The woman is so excited. She paid a small fee to have a vet at NHV send us kitty food recipes specifically for my conditions (diabetes & stage 2 kidney disease), weight, and age, so she’s gonna start today and include these supplements. The NHV people are very helpful and will respond right away on IG. If you spend more than $50, shipping is free even to Canada. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter, you get 10% off your first order. Thank you NHV!

July 31

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

The woman bought all the stuffs needed to make one of the @nhvnaturalpet recipes. You know, once you have the supplements, everything else is sewper cheap! This is going to be the woman’s project for tonight. She told a butcher, a pharmacist, and several health food store people that she’s making food for a kitty and no one batted an eye! Hurr hurr.

July 31

diabetic cat tale NHV Supplements

Okay! So it took two and a half hours, but the woman finished making a batch of mah homemade kitty food. It looks like ground beef, but the red colour is from beets. She made a batch for a whole week and she is going to freeze it in a muffin tin. She put a little out for me. I sniffed it and licked my lips, but I didn’t eat any. She’s not discouraged though. She’s gonna mix it with my old food. She says it was a lot of work, but very satisfying!

August 4

cat tale diabetes

Hello, friends! Thank you everyone for your kind words of suppawt for both me and the woman in our quest to measure my blood glucose. The woman wishes there was an easier way. The woman has started me on the @nhvnaturalpet supplements and I’m taking them easily with food. My weight is hovering around 9.2lbs and I’ve got lots of energy! The woman left some chicken bones out and went to bed. When she got up a couple of hours later, she found them on the floor far from the table! Hurr hurr. I love chicken. And I love yous!

August 12

cat tale diabetes

Hullo and happy Caturday, mah friends! Well, you’ll never believe it, but mah bro managed to test my glucose all by himself. It’s slightly lower, but not by much. It’s down to 14.3 from 14.5 and normal is 4-9.7. The woman is still happy though because he measured it right before giving me my dose. Speaking of that, I’m running away from the needle these days! The woman feels bad. I didn’t used to notice it much, but now I try to get away as soon as she pinches up my skin at my neck. She hopes I’ll get used to it someday.

August 16

cat tale diabetes

Good evening, mah buddies! You won’t believe it, but I was playing with my toys all by myself! I batted them around, bit them, licked them, and now I’m sitting on them. The woman is so happy. She thinks I’m reverse aging like Benjamin Button!

August 22

bobby cat diabetes

Hai, friends! The woman is so excited to repawt that I’m doing so well these days. I’ve gained weight, I pee and drink like a normal kitty, my fur is soft, I’m doing zoomies, and I’m playing with all the toys that I’ve ignored for years! The woman swears that I’ve even gotten taller. I’ve been on just one unit of insulin twice a day for a little over a month plus a weekly B12 shot and my @nhvnaturalpet supplements. Oh and I also never sleep in the closet anymore. I’m enjoying mah room and mah bed again. I wish the same good health to all of mah buddies. I love yous, mah wolfpack!

February 2019

Little Bobby passed while his woman was petting him and his vet helped him go peacefully with no pain. We are sending love to his family and to Bobby as he crosses the rainbow bridge 🌈🐾

The woman is so grateful for my vet and my peaceful passing. She feels so happy that I’m no longer sick or in pain and that I went safely to the rainbow bridge.
She doesn’t feel my absence. She says that I’m still with her as if I was in front of her eyes. She hopes every one of mah wolfpack passes as peacefully.
The woman is so grateful for everything I’ve brought to her, especially you all. She needs a little time and then I’ll be back, repawting from heaven. Who loves yah? 🐝💛🐾


What supplements helped sweet Bobby?


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