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Natural relief from symptoms of Addison’s disease in dogs

Posted 2020-05-22

Hypoadrenocorticism is also known as Addison’s disease. When the adrenal gland fails to produce adrenal gland hormones, cortisol and aldosterone properly, this can lead to serious consequences. The cause of this disease is for the most part unknown; however luckily there are ways it can be managed.

The adrenal glands are located next to the kidneys – ‘ad’ (next to) -‘renal’ (kidneys). These glands produce hormones that help our pets combat stress and regulate the water and electrolytes in the body. The symptoms of adrenal disorder can be similar to various other health conditions in dogs. Which is why a veterinarian will recommend elaborate diagnostic tests like CBC, Chemistry panel, electrolyte tests and ACTH-stimulation tests.

Great dane breeds addison's disease

Standard Poodles, Great Danes, Bearded Collies and West Highland White Terriers are some of the breeds that have been known to be more vulnerable to this disease. Although any pure breed or a mixed breed dog can be affected by this disease.

There are two types of Addison’s disease, primary and secondary. The primary type of Addison’s is more common in dogs and it is essentially an autoimmune disorder. This type of Addison’s disease in dogs is mostly idiopathic (cause unknown). However, some of the less common triggers known to veterinary science include cancer, certain drugs, concurrent disease. Sometimes Addison’s disease in dogs can also be caused as a result of deficiency of cortisol and aldosterone caused by the drug for Cushing’s disease.

Secondary Addison’s disease has a known cause and very often it is a tumor, in the pituitary gland. Long-term exposure to steroids or sudden stoppage of medication can also cause secondary Addison’s disease in dogs.

Symptoms of Addison’s disease in dogs are many including lack of energy, loss of appetite, increased thirst (dehydration), slow heart rate and low body temperature. One of the distinct symptoms off Addison’s disease is hair loss. We all struggle with our pups shedding, however; when it’s a sign that something is wrong it is harder to witness.

milo the silver lab canine cancer

@Milothesilverlab started showing signs of Addison’s disease after chemo treatment for his cancer. NHV Supplements have been a part of his regimen for more than 2 years to keep these side effects in control

Addison’s disease in dogs – Pet parent shares her story

After noticing a change in her pups personality and eating habits a few months ago, dog mom Megan Elizabeth took her beloved pup to the vet and was given the diagnosis of Addison’s Disease. This sweet 3.5 year old pup then began shedding her hair, something she had never done. Megan became worried so she began to research which is what eventually lead her to NHV and our supplement Supraglan.

Back in November, my 4-year-old pup had stopped eating and became very lethargic so I took her into the vet and she was diagnosed with Addison’s, which I was told is fairly easy to maintain with a monthly shot, but then a month later she started shedding chunks of hair, which was scary and also unusual since she never shed before, so I began doing my own research and was very happy to find NHV products.

I’ve been talking to my vet a LOT throughout this whole process and she (my vet) attributed the hair loss to the Addison’s and gave me the green light to start her on the Supraglan. I’m grateful to have found this natural supplement because the alternative would be to keep her on steroids to maintain her energy, which I was also told could lead to Cushing’s Disease.

She’s been using the Supraglan for about 3 months now and I added the Milk Thistle and Multi Essentials about 2 months ago per NHV and my vet’s recommendation and her energy levels are back up and consistent, she’s no longer shedding, and her coat is looking healthy again.

I just put her dosage of the supplements on her food in the morning and evenings. I’m very grateful for NHV and their products! The vets at NHV are extremely kind, helpful, and responsive and I really appreciate the value they place on their patients/customers, as shown through their posts/interactions on their social media. Thank you 🙂


“This pup is now feeling the wind in her fur again, something she’s always loved.”

Supplements for Addison’s disease in dogs:

If your pup is suffering from Addison’s NHV has supplements that can help. These also work preventatively. In case your pup has been exposed to strong medications for a long term or has been taking Cushing’s medications regularly then these supplements can be taken preventatively to help support the adrenal glands.


Supraglan helps to regulate the adrenal system and mitigate the frustrating symptoms that adrenal disorders can show. It helps the body in responding appropriately to stress and aids in reducing inflammation. It can also help to support the skin and hair coat which is often a struggle when coping with Addison’s disease in dogs.

Along with Supraglan we also recommend Milk Thistle to help to support and detoxify the liver, as it is often also effected by adrenal disorders like Cushing’s disease or Addison’s disease.

The two come together in Addison’s Disease Essential Support Kit.

NHV Pet Experts have been able to help many dogs cope with symptoms of Addison’s disease by recommending the suitable regimens customized to their health needs. These formulas to support adrenal disorders are more than twenty years old and have been formulated by a holistic vet and master herbalist to support dogs facing Addison’s disease. Get in touch with us today and let us help your dog with Addison’s disease cope better.

2 replies.

  1. Erik Rogers says:

    Our Beagle was diagnosed for Addison’s disease a couple of months ago. Soon after the for on his belly and chest have been shedding and his coat feels coarse. Does your product work with the medications he is taking every 25 days or replaces the medications? Other than the shedding here’s back to his crazy Chacho self. Which took months and a ton of different meds and diagnosis to find out.

    1. Team NHV says:

      Hi Erik,

      We’re sorry to hear your sweet little one has been diagnosed with Addison’s disease. We know how tough it can be on both pet and parent when your little one is sick. We’re here to help. Ou supplements can in fact be taken alongside veterinarian medications. We recommend taking the supplements 2 hours before the medication is given. This ensures both medication and supplement has time to integrate into your little one’s system.

      We’re so glad that he’s almost his perfect self! For his hair loss and other Addison’s symptoms, we have an Addison’s Disease Essential Support Kit which you can find here:

      It includes Milk Thistle and Supraglan. Supraglan helps regular water and electrolytes, promotes hair growth, helps with appetite, and helps soothe inflammation and stress while Milk Thistle help detoxify and support the liver.

      We know the process of diagnosis can be so long, frustrating, and scary . You’re an incredible mom and you’re doing everything you can for your pupper.

      We’re here for you both if you ever have any questions or need anything at all.

      Yours in wellness,
      Team NHV

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