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Neca the Senior Yorkie’s Holistic Cancer Journey

Posted 2020-08-06

neca ana de rocha bladder cancer

Neca is a 15 year old Yorkie- Terrier Mix. Coming in at a whopping 10 lbs, she may be small but she is a tough and brave cancer fighter. She has had her issues with kidney disease and pancreatitis as well.  Her mom, Ana came to us in mid-December.  She knew her little girl needed the added support for the many conditions she is braving.


If there is something I recommend for any pet fighting illness it is NHV Natural supplements. They made an amazing difference in Neca’s overall well-being. She’s 15, she has cancer, is doing chemotherapy, and has kidney disease, these supplements help her tremendously. And there’s the added plus of their team being incredible, so helpful and always there.
(Btw, this isn’t sponsored, we purchased all the products with our money. But even if it was sponsored, I would endorse NHV any time, because they are amazing!


Neca is currently on 6 different NHV supplements to support the symptoms of her conditions, and she has recently started chemo. These supplements can be taken alongside the chemo treatment as well. Despite her senior age, Neca is coping well. Neca’s mom Ana has maintained a very active role in Neca’s cancer journey. Her mom even got her a customized diet plan from Dr. Amanda. Preparing fresh foods for your dog can be a wonderful way to provide nutritious, healthy meals to help support the immune system. It is important to be sure your pet is receiving adequate nutrients and calories.

neca and kali ana da rocha

Update April 2019

We were very saddened to learn that little Neca has crossed the rainbow bridge 🌈

Just letting you guys know Neca went through the rainbow bridge last night. Her comfort was always the priority. Thank you for all you did for her, she was always strong during her battle and I know it was the supplements.

Ana, Neca’s mom, went far and beyond and did everything to provide comfort to her little girl fighting cancer. We are very sorry to see her go, but we are glad we were able to provide comfort to little Neca and give Ana more quality time with her fur baby. Here’s a cute picture of Neca at the beach with Kali, enjoying the last few days doing what she loves the most.

neca and kali dog beach


What supplements was Neca taking?

ES Clear: Helps to reduce tumor growth, and also helps to detoxify vital organs thus improving overall quality of life.

Felimm: Encourages detoxification of the lymphatic system, and helps to protect against infection.

Tripsy: A soothing formula that controls painful infection, and supports the health of kidneys and bladder.

Milk Thistle: Helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys, and supports regeneration.

Multi Essentials: A herbal multivitamin that helps boost the metabolism and can stimulate a healthy appetite.

Mellit: A herbal formula that helps control blood sugar levels and strengthens and protects other organs from the serious imbalances that are triggered throughout the body.

neca aana da rocha  neca cancer dog ana de rocha picture 2



Is your pup fighting cancer or kidney disease? Our dedicated team of Pet Experts can help you pick the right supplements.

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