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Pineapple makes a comeback from Lymphoma, naturally!

Posted 2020-05-22

Unfortunately Lymphoma is becoming more and more common in the pet world, there are several types of Lymphoma.  This type of cancer is typically caused when an adenocarcinoma metastasizes to the lymph nodes.  A type of white blood cell, lymphocytes play an important and integral role in the body’s defenses in the immune system. Lymphoma is found to be responsible for around 90 percent of blood cancers and account for about 33 percent of all tumors in cats.

On May 3, 2018 our cat Pineapple aka Appi & Apps was diagnosed by our Holistic vet with stage 4 Intestinal Lymphoma. We took him in because within a week he had lost so much weight, we could see his spine. At that first appointment he had to have his lungs drained of fluid… his breathing was that of a person with COPD . We were sent home with [pharmaceutical removed], Turkey tail mushrooms and Fish oil. I just didn’t feel that it was “enough” for us to do for Apps …

So I got online and began researching Holistic treatments. I found many testimonials praising the ES Clear and Tripsy,
so I ordered it ASAP.

On May 7 he had his first chemo treatment of [pharmaceutical removed] he was able to tolerate it like a Boss! And we received our box from NHV.

On May 10 he had his second chemo treatment of [pharmaceutical removed]… again he tolerated it amazingly! On May 15 he had his 3rd chemo of [pharmaceutical removed]…

On May 23 the vet informed us that the tumor was shrinking… and there was no fluid build up! His next chemo is in four weeks… he has been on this program for five weeks. He is eating like a horse, has been putting on weight, is active and loving again. We can’t thank NHV enough for helping to save our boy! And have happily referred another couple with a fur baby that has lymphoma to use this!

pineapple resting with lymphoma

pineapple with lymphoma

UPDATE*** July 7 2018: Apps went in for his 5th chemo today . We were told that the tumor is even smaller… that he can’t be considered in remission as it is still palpable. His  [pharmaceutical removed] has been cut to one every other day now as well. He is doing great!
Thank you 


Pineapple’s story above is proof that our pets don’t have to suffer if they have a diagnosis like Lymphoma. We are so pleased that the beautiful little Pineapple aka Appi, has had such amazing results from using the herbs!

pineapple cat with lymphoma NHV remedies pineapple cat with lymphoma NHV remedies 2

NHV Lymphoma Gold Support kit includes a powerful combination of herbs that will help your pet fight this awful disease. The kit has:

  • NHV ES Clear– is our main cancer supplement. This blend gives the body strength, supports the immune system, and is known to reduce cancer cells from developing.
  • NHV Felimm– designed to help strengthen your cat’s weakened immune system, detoxify the lymph system, and fight infection.
  • NHV Tripsy– is formulated to support the kidneys (which is extremely important when the system is trying to cope with Lymphoma!)

While using the supplements on their own is very beneficial, they work better when used together. They enhance each others properties and work holistically in the body. If you have any questions about the herbs and/or have concerns about your pet, contact an NHV Pet Expert as we are always here to help!

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