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Senior dogs Ray Ray and Taddy give NHV a paws up

Posted 2020-07-21

As our pets grow old we notice changes in their behaviour. They may not follow us around the house like they used to. They might eat less and sleep a lot more. We may notice slight limping that comes and goes. Maybe around walkies or playtime? Dogs and cats start showing signs of ageing when they are middle aged. The sooner we identify those signs, the better. Once ageing sets in, health problems like hip dysplasia, arthritis, kidney disease and other painful conditions can progress very quickly.

Joanne realized her senior dogs needed some support and decided to go the holistic route. A few weeks later we received a happy update along with some adorable pictures of the two grey muzzles.

My old 14 year old pug was having such a hard time walking and he was sleeping most of the day. He also has a slightly collapsed trachea. I purchased the Old Timer and the RespAid. I see such a great improvement! He is walking so much better and he quit sleeping all day. I started giving the Old Timer to my 12 year old Boston, too. He also is doing well. Love the products!

Here is Ray Ray the pug and Taddy the Boston Terrier (almost wish I didn’t give him any, because his energy level is at puppy level now!). Can’t believe the change in Ray and neither can my husband. Totally satisfied customer here.

senior dogs pug and boston terrier

We thank Joanne for sharing this lovely update with us. While joint pain and lethargy is common in most old dogs and cats, collapsed trachea is something breeds like Taddy’s (Boston Terriers) are vulnerable to. We have other blends as well that would help these two babies. But for now we are going to stay close and watch the progress they make with these supplements. We will make tweaks to their holistic regimen as needed.

Update on Ray Ray – January 2019

This is 15 year old Ray Ray. He has been taking Old Timer for over a year. It improved his arthritis so much! He just had some kind of episode and we went to the vet. He checked out ok, but she said his gums were a little inflamed. He is always having sinus problems. So I came home and looked in your site and decided to order the turmeric. Again we have seen such a great improvement in him. He has stopped licking his nose constantly and his overall vitality has improved. Even my husband noticed the improvement. I can’t recommend your products enough! Good stuff! Thank you!

Ray Ray old timer turmeric NHV

We urge pet parents to share their pet’s health updates with us so that we get the chance to suggest the future course of action. If you have senior dogs or cats in your family, it’s always a good idea to start helping them cope naturally. Your NHV Pet Expert would love to help you find the most useful supplement for your senior furkid.

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