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Why You Should Give Pet Supplements Twice a Day

Posted 2020-11-12

As pet parents, we’re always looking for the healthiest most natural way to give our pets all the nutrients they need to live a healthy life. We want to see them happy and living comfortably, always having as much fun as possible. If our pets are in pain or dealing with the symptoms from any health condition, we all want a quick solution for them. It’s called unconditional love, right? And boy, do we know about loving our pets!

With holistic care, it’s about the whole body. Medications are commonly prescribed to treat skin, eyes and heart problems, but if the whole body isn’t supported then diseases and infections may come back to make your furkid uncomfortable or may take longer to heal. Because NHV supplements are very gentle, they take time to work in the body. The medicinal properties of the herbs help the body become strong so it can fight disease, viruses, bacteria or infection. But it’s consistency, that is the true key to getting the best from the supplements.

Great Dane Pit Bull Dog , Outside Licking Nose Sitting Next to Milk Thistle and Turmeric

Can I Give My Pet The Dosage Once A Day?

Unfortunately, the answer is no!

You will hear from our Pet Experts that it’s important to give the pet supplements twice a day, and that’s because the medicinal properties in the herbs only last for so long in the body. Giving the supplements twice a day helps to stop the virus/fungus/bacteria to build up in the body between doses.

Ginger cat playing with turmeric dropper and standing next to open box of stimmun

Ways To Give The Supplements

There are many ways to give our supplements to your furkids, depending on your preferences. You can give them directly through the dropper that comes with each bottle, or in your pets’ favorite treat or food.

If your furkid is taking more than one supplement you can mix them all together, it’s not necessary to give your pet each dose separately. This will make life a lot easier for you, especially if you have more than one pet at home or if your furkid has multiple conditions.

The sooner you start your furbaby on a supplement regimen, the sooner the herbs can start doing their job making them feel better. If your pet needs any help, please reach out to any of our NHV pet experts. We are here to help you with information and guidance.

How To Make Our Natural Pet Supplements Work Better?

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