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From Being Told To Be ‘Put To Sleep’ To ‘Happy And Perky’

Posted August 1, 2017

We recently received a very motivating comment on our Facebook Page.

My cat Alfie was meant to of be put to sleep 6 weeks ago. I ordered Es clear, Tripsy, Maris, Tumeric and Milk Thistle and he’s still with me , energy up , appetite up (was only getting a quarter of a small tray a food into him , he’s now up to 2.5 trays a day) , he’s got some of his cheeky character back too , really impressed and hoping to order some other bits to see if I can help his degenerative disc pain in back . Really glad I ordered and hope to keep seeing improvements.

This comment got our attention immediately. We wanted to know who this cat was and how we could help him better. Here’s what Alfie’s mom,  Sarah Eborall told us.

Brilliant ! My cat has intestinal cancer and on using this (NHV Es Clear) and other supplements, his appetite is back up, his energy is up and he is back in character. Highly recommended! Looking forward to trying some other supplements too for him.

Wow. It is heart warming to find out our natural blends were able to give someone more time with her dear cat. While the vets had given up 6 weeks ago, we are so glad that Alfie is still around and improving by the day. We wish to keep him happy and comfortable for as long as we can. Sarah will now be adding, Yucca and Old timer to Alfie’s list of NHV supplies. These two supplements will together help his bones, joints and muscles and most likely bring relief from the disc pain, Sarah told us about. We also recommended adding the Natures Immuno as it will help his kidneys, boost his natural ability to fight cancer and also push his energy levels higher.

alfie cat UK intestinal cancer natural remedy

Thank you Sarah, for your kind words. Intestinal cancer, is becoming more common amongst pets these days. In simpler terms, here’s how Alfie’s NHV remedies helped him. The Cancer Support Pack Includes three remedies – Es clear, Milk Thistle and Turmeric. Es clear helps the body fight cancerous growth, Milk Thistle keeps the liver detoxified and Turmeric helps reduce internal inflammation. Alfie is taking the Tripsy along with this pack because it supports the overworking kidneys which are a direct outcome of intestinal cancer. Since this cancer can often mean digestive upsets, Maris is a great natural addition to his diet to help with constipation.

Es Clear function in cats

NHV Remedies work holistically – Here’s how ES Clear helps your cat with cancer

We hope more cat parents can read Alfie’s story and reach us for a holistic advice for their pet’s health. Sometimes the conventional medicines are not enough. They are strong and can often have side effects. With chronic diseases like intestinal cancer, veterinarians have to support digestion, urination, stools and also have to fight the cancer. Thus, they may take the call of saving your pet from getting caught in a whole loop of side effects by being put to sleep. In such a case, our remedies may work wonderfully. They are able to improve a certain bodily function, while holistically supporting the rest of the body and this, without any harmful side effects.

We urge pet parents to come forward and reach out to us if they have any questions about holistic pet care. We will try our best to answer them to their content. Here’s wishing Alfie many more happy and healthy days with his mom. 🙂

*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.