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Toothless Tigger’s happy tale – autoimmune disease and rodent ulcers

Posted October 6, 2017

When Tigger’s mom, Honey Tapley, got to know about our natural remedies and supplements, she knew she needed to get some for Tigger but adding anything to Tigger’s sensitive situation was a complex decision. This toothless cat suffers from auto immune related disorders often leading to rodent ulcers. We recommended a holistic regime for this fur baby and discussed his progress at every step. Tigger’s sibling cats like the adorable Jim also shared some of his remedies as an overall wellbeing support and experienced noticeable improvements.

Tigger and Jim cats cuddled together NHV Natural cat remedies

After a few days, here’s what their mom told us!

“NHV Natural Pet Products has been so beneficial to our fur kids. In particular, our cat,Tigger, has auto immune issues. In conjunction with the care he receives from our vet, ES Clear and Nature’s Immuno have helped him not have flares of his symptoms as he has in the past. NHV Natural Pets will be a part of our lives for keeps.

He is doing amazing on their supplements. He has not had one flare up in a month. Even his eyes don’t water and crust nearly as much and the lysine never seemed to help that issue, so this is an unexpected bonus. So the two immune supplements from NHV really are helping”

These thoughtful words from Tigger’s mom are very encouraging. We are going to stay close to this toothless bundle of love to make sure we are prepared to tweak his holistic regime as needed. While ES Clear is directly acting on the ulcer causing tendency of his body, Natures Immuno is helping restore balance in his immune system. ES Clear has herbs like Sheep Sorrel that can scavenge free radicals and ease pain and discomfort. Natures Immuno has medicinal mushrooms like Turkey Tails and Reishi. These help boost body’s natural immunity against disease and restore normal immune health.

How NHV Natures Immune helps cats

How NHV Natures Immune helps cats

The next supplement we are going to add to his regime is BK Detox. This will help do a blood cleanse for Tigger, detoxify his vitals and will keep the rodent ulcer flares from reoccurring. We are positive that after adding this one, Tigger will have an even more happier tale to share with everyone. We wish this lovely fur family healthy purrs always.

cat with autoimmune disease

Tigger getting crosseyed over NHV’s My Little Lion Salmon flavoured Treats

Rodent ulcer, unlike to what its name suggests, has nothing to do with a rodent bite. Autoimmune issues in cats can cause the skin around the mouth to flare up into ulcers. Many pet parents believe it is an allergy or a seasonal break out, but it is indeed an auto immune disorder. Do you know a cat or dog with autoimmune issues? Please get in touch with your NHV Pet Expert to get a holistic opinion on the treatment ahead. Depending upon the type autoimmune disease and the stage of symptoms, we will recommend the NHV remedies that can help.

*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.

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*Product reviews are solely the experience and opinion of the reviewer. Actual results may vary.