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Soothe Your Pet’s Pain and Encourage Healthy Appetite With NHV’s New Yucca Supplement!

Posted 2019-05-31

At NHV Natural Pet Products, we are committed to keeping your pets healthy and happy. That’s why we’re always on the prowl for new natural pet supplements that can decrease an animal’s symptoms while increasing their longevity, vitality, and wellbeing. And we’re happy to share with you the launch of our latest natural pet remedy, NHV’s brand new Yucca formulation!

Yucca root is widely used in naturopathic medicine, both in humans and animals, because of its highly nutritive properties. Rich in Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Protein, Niacin, and Phosphorus, studies have proven Yucca to be effective in addressing chronic pain, stimulating appetite, and encouraging healthy digestion. Yucca contains Sarsasapogenin and Smilagenin, two powerful compounds that assist in the absorption of minerals in the small intestine, support immune function, and decrease pain associated with inflammation.

Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Yucca is a powerful aid for pets living with chronic arthritis pain. In regularly taking the Yucca supplement, pets can experience soothing relief for inflamed muscles and joints, while also benefiting from the natural pet care supplement’s anti-tumor, nutritive, and digestive support.

Anyone who has watched a pet experience the daily struggles of chronic pain knows the important role that proper joint function and digestion can play in an animal’s life. As we continue to source new and exciting compounds for the creation of our proprietary natural pet care products, we are so excited to be adding another anti-inflammatory option to our roster. Visit the NHV website to learn more about how our new Yucca natural pet remedy can assist your cat or dog in feeling great, and having fun!

Is your pet suffering from chronic pain? Which remedies have you tried? Have they worked?

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